Zenit is a high-tech product that has the Alvic’s seal of quality and exclusivity, The development has invested more than a year of R & D + I. Alvic launches this revolutionary new Zenit surface finish, texture soft, matte finish and high resistance.

This new surface is characterized by increased resistance to scratching, abrasion, wet and dry heat, and superb performance and resistance to common cleaning products, compared with similar products on the market. Zenit is sold on board and finished door for what Alvic Tech uses laser technology, thus enabling a better finish and durability.

This range is available in two finishes, Supermatt and Metaldecó, recommended both for vertical applications in furniture and decoration projects of interiores. Beauty is not always delicate. Meet the toughest Supermatt.


Supermatt White

Supermatt Antracita

Supermatt Oriental White

Supermatt Cashmere

Supermatt Basalto

Supermatt Gris Nube

Supermatt Black

Supermatt Oriental Black