Cucine Design Studio introduces you the STRUCTURED SYNCRON LINE PANEL range products. A selection of modern structures, applied on vanguard designs, which give an  naturalness and high decorative level to the panels.

For greater versatility the STRUCTURED SYNCRON LINE PANEL is supplied in various thicknesses, which facilitates its application in all types of furniture, interior and decoration projects.

This product has excellent physical-mechanical response compared to other alternative products, highlighting its scratch-resistant, surface quality, high brightness as well as light stability towards colors.

These characteristics make it well suited for vertical applications in kitchen, bathroom, office and home furniture.

The Syncron manufacturing process allows a wide range of designs, such as wood, marble, stone, fantasy etc.. A quality that makes LUXE a highly versatile and decorative product.


Ice Cream

Ice 1

Ice 4

Ice 2

Ice 3

Syncron Évora

Evora 3

Evora 4


Syncron Ida

Ida 1

Ida 4

Ida 2

Ida 3

Syncron Olmo

Olmo 2

Olmo 3


Syncron Muratti

Muratti 1

Muratti 4

Muratti 2

Muratti 3

Syncron Frappé

Frappe 1

Frappe 2

Frappe 3

Syncron Oxid

Oxid 01

Oxid 04

Oxid 02

Oxid 03

Syncron Anniversary Oak

Anniversary Oak 1

Anniversary Oak 2

Anniversary Oak 3

Syncron Art Oak

Art Oak 1

Art Oak 4

Art Oak 2

Art Oak 3

Syncron Como Ash

Como Ash 1

Como Ash 2

Como Ash 3