White Shaker Cabinets - Why They Are So Popular

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White shaker cabinets have been popular for years and our prediction is they are going to stay that way!

Why are kitchens with white cabinets so popular? Here are a few reasons we think so:

1. Versatility
White cabinets lend themselves to so many decorating styles. They can be incorporated into such a wide variety of kitchens that they are a great choice for your kitchen.

2. They Stand The Test of Time
As your taste changes and evolves over the years your cabinets can stay put! White cabinets are a great canvas for your design. You can add different paint colors, countertops, lighting, etc. and make the white cabinets look totally different than before. This makes white cabinets a popular investment.

3. Clean & Fresh
White has a clean, fresh look to it that people are fond of. In a place where you are going to be preparing food, socializing and eating with friends and family this is a huge draw.

4. Laundry Rooms & Bathrooms
Another reason white shaker cabinets are popular is because they look great in other areas of the house, such as laundry rooms and bathrooms. Not only do they make the room stylish, but the white makes it look clean and organized.

5. Gives You Options
With white cabinets you've got such a range of choices for appliances, flooring, lighting, carpet runners, artwork and accessories. White isn''t overpowering and the color lends itself to being the perfect backdrop.

If you have tips on remodeling your kitchen with white cabinets we would love to hear from you!